Tuesday, May 11, 2010

try tearing paper into perfect squares, it will cut your fingers

synthesize me
a love song, miss. i want
to be
back on the road.
get the bass
in sync with the
blinkers & send me somewhere
new like
CO or AZ. let the roads
be my web &
cradle me in cold front.
baby, i want you, i want
can't you hear me barreling down
the road? i'm lost, i am lost like
a reindeer strayed
from the herd.

sometimes things are too
disorganized to trust in. good
friends & time are all
you need. music helps too
& that's okay. i think bass &
treble are the neosporin of
serious problems & in between
an ampersand sandwich, so that must be
true. i miss living in wholes (clearly
this is the case because i'm writing
halfway normal.

"if you're partial to the night sky
if you're vaguely attracted to rooftops
hannah takes the stairs
cause' she can't tell it's a winding spiral case
is she outside-in?
or inside-out?"

[freelance whales] "hannah"

"insomnia" [rynn williams]

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