Friday, June 25, 2010

it's still not quite the same

so as work begins i find
myself with even less time &
this means it will become
more uncommon to catch me
posting on this.

listen to synth trifle up (&
down) the stairs. let it rise, like
a depressed (concave) heart &
fall, as does the lining of
a trampoline. like me (that of a
robot) there are synthetics &
metals of a retired alchemist
surrounding a set of
muscle. it's not the way it
used to be (things were calculated
& finite), rather they pliable &
affable. the limited became infinite
& the numerous, unquantifiable. we all
are composite in the cracks
that line the attic walls (behind & under the
nails jutting from the ceiling). but remember
as the echo of the hissing collapses
under the asbestos & around
a lengthy oscillation. this, surrounded completely
by a supercomputer with precision &
calculation. the light ceases, the beat rolled
down the folding stairs.

(musings about drake's "you know, you know")

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

july, july!

cannot wait
for june to end. boy do things
go: they are unstoppable
& boy do they
pick up as they
catch the draft
beneath their wings.
dipping & eluding
the good (& bad). the crevices
explored are the
just cause of
ebullience in the air. at least
we can see (with the
assistance of a microscope)
the paw-prints of
post-marks &
wishing wells. things
go. they go far &
expand from the summer's
unrelenting & wistful
heat. they (with time) become
deft, basking in the
breeze (of a passing
garbage truck) uptown.
eventually we all find ourselves
brushing a group of pigeons
from their zone (predetermined
by the food vendors in the
proximity). we don't always mean to
but the birds are often
cumbersome & serve the
purpose of a street cone. flags down,
wings up, & the echo of
a nearby gunshot falls calmly on the
landing pads of chewed

Saturday, June 5, 2010


as the
four legged spider
performs the saddest
show i've ever seen.
try to crawl but
cannot. been gone
for a little while but
working on it.
like sand
lifted by the wind
& taken wherever;
the garden, the
stratosphere. square one.
yes, we're back. we'll be here for
a long while. plant my feet &
watch the concrete
harden around them. i know
this is a step backwards
but this seems like nothing
less than