Friday, June 25, 2010

it's still not quite the same

so as work begins i find
myself with even less time &
this means it will become
more uncommon to catch me
posting on this.

listen to synth trifle up (&
down) the stairs. let it rise, like
a depressed (concave) heart &
fall, as does the lining of
a trampoline. like me (that of a
robot) there are synthetics &
metals of a retired alchemist
surrounding a set of
muscle. it's not the way it
used to be (things were calculated
& finite), rather they pliable &
affable. the limited became infinite
& the numerous, unquantifiable. we all
are composite in the cracks
that line the attic walls (behind & under the
nails jutting from the ceiling). but remember
as the echo of the hissing collapses
under the asbestos & around
a lengthy oscillation. this, surrounded completely
by a supercomputer with precision &
calculation. the light ceases, the beat rolled
down the folding stairs.

(musings about drake's "you know, you know")

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