Wednesday, June 16, 2010

july, july!

cannot wait
for june to end. boy do things
go: they are unstoppable
& boy do they
pick up as they
catch the draft
beneath their wings.
dipping & eluding
the good (& bad). the crevices
explored are the
just cause of
ebullience in the air. at least
we can see (with the
assistance of a microscope)
the paw-prints of
post-marks &
wishing wells. things
go. they go far &
expand from the summer's
unrelenting & wistful
heat. they (with time) become
deft, basking in the
breeze (of a passing
garbage truck) uptown.
eventually we all find ourselves
brushing a group of pigeons
from their zone (predetermined
by the food vendors in the
proximity). we don't always mean to
but the birds are often
cumbersome & serve the
purpose of a street cone. flags down,
wings up, & the echo of
a nearby gunshot falls calmly on the
landing pads of chewed

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