Saturday, April 10, 2010

conquering mt. pilot

for all of you who know what mt. pilot is, good.
for those of you who don't
it's a state park in north cackalacky
& that's where i spent the day today.
a moderate/strenuous trail aptly named
"grindstone" led us past some amazing
places; some of which i've included
pictures of. mostly though, it was some
great exercise &
also there was some wildlife. that is, a
couple of mice, a salamander, several hawks
(those of which we saw gliding at the near peak of the mountain-
unbelievable), &
a couple of nature freaks (one used the word "phat"
in reference to being able to see downtown winston
from the peak).
it was, in the least, refreshing. easy to forget the world,
to chat about this & that.
who knows, this may have been something i needed.
i'd like to think (while peering down a rock climbing trail)
that more people would appreciate something like this.
i'm not sure they would, which
made me want to fall down the
long drop beneath.
i marvel at the mts.
who knows,
maybe one day i'll go back. why not?
& that pink thing is the only flower that mt. pilot
had to offer above
fifteen hundred ft.
thought it was nice so i snatched it.
that's it for today.
i guess.

appropriate song for today?
"mother remember the night that the dog had her pups in the pantry?
blood on the floor & fleas on their paws & you cried till the morning."

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