Monday, April 19, 2010

& my body

it leaks like a sieve.

days pass
through the film:
one by one
they rub against the grate
& through which
they are
taken in shreds
on the tongue:
these negatives are
i've seen some
hint of sepia
& watched the alley
crawl past the gutters:
watch me as i
disappear through
chalk dust &
asbestos: i want nothing
more than this
color seeping through
the cracks:
the calicos
prancing on sand-
paper paws:
i love this:
the sun tugging at
my dry (bristle) hair:
i am in
your light: watching
through a periscope
looking up &
catching glances
of rays
prancing overhead:
which is to
say that
we're looking up:
which is to think that
people change:
hold me
(closer): wing through
heart & the valves
will flap open:
can you
stream? can you
rush in: you
ochre water
from a rusted
tap: you are as close
to blood
as will ever

"the best slow dancer" by david wagoner
"the best slow dancer
Who stood on tiptoe who almost wasn’t there
In your arms like music she knew lust how to answer
The question mark of your spine your hand in hers
The other touching that place between her shoulders
Trembling your countless feet lightfooted sure
To move as they wished"

"cold summer" by seabear
"i can see your eyes turn blue.
i can see the weather changing you.
cold summers, one after the other.
got old fast, grew tired of each other."

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