Sunday, April 4, 2010


is man's expression of curiosity about everything and his attempt to make sense of the world through his intellect."

I really, in all honesty, do not care much for philosophy. That being said, we'll avoid the topic completely.

i'd much rather muse about
where the sun went this afternoon. it was
eighty degrees out yesterday. what the hell
happened today?
the annuals new ep, "sweet sister" came out a little
less than a week ago.
that's good news. i spent hours catching up
on a blog that i get a grade on-
where's the justice?
it's as if it drained all the creativity out of me.
i'm exhausted.
there's a single
dollar sitting in front of me. who knows where it came from.
all i know is that i should have more.
people are so stingy about money,
it would be
if people just paid their dues
instead of delaying their payments
so i didn't have to feel like a goddamn loan shark.
i sometimes feel as if they like
the tension. the feeling
indebtedness. what an awful prospect.
but it's their lives. not mine. i just want to
skip across the uncomfortable
plastic mattress &
catch "z"s until my
eyes roll
back into my head & i fall
fast asleep. i kinda thought it would be pretty lame to not
be faithful to this blog. if
you were curious as to what i
was interested in today
it was the idea of filling in the blanks.
too often i
am left with all but many missing pieces. but i suppose
that's all perception really is. we are given five
senses to fill in the extraordinary amount of ambiguities that are
thrown our way.
that's how the impressionists did it. that's how we do it every day. look
at paul cezanne. he's a bright guy.
perhaps i'm just lazy. maybe i'm just not as brilliant as
soft-strokes was. who knows. for funsies, here
are some impressionist works that are simply amazing. take them for what they are:
a great psychological and perceptive insight.
sometimes th wrds jst dnt quite ft & yu hve to pt
th pces tgthr fr yurslf.

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