Thursday, April 15, 2010

sorry but i

forgot to introduce myself. i sort of half-assed it on the first post but here's the real deal:
my name is andrew. i am a sophomore at wake forest university. i study psychology & english.
i don't know why exactly i made this blog. i suppose it was more of a personal thing than for
anyone to read. as someone who studies a social science & english together, i find that
the combination of the two is simply divine. in fact, look no further than dr. kay jamison's
"an unquiet mind" when looking for a truly unbelievable intersection of the arts & sciences. but yes,
back to my point. this blog is my own way to grasp reality, vent, and integrate the problems i so
ungracefully fumble with every day. sometimes it's too much to handle the uncensored &
naked streaming of our worldly perceptions, our frenzied thoughts. thus i write to you all (whoever you may be) in
hopes that someone can empathize, sympathize, or just plain enjoy the content.
i retain a great love for both music & poetry, thus explaining the random quotes of song lyrics
& poems in my posts. i hope you click on the links sometimes. for serious. you just might like them.
don't get used to this "long line" stuff. it's gone after this post. but i think it's been too long
without a formal introduction. so
hello. watch these thoughts
tail into spiraling frenzy.
watch the literary fire
take this into his
heart & let the
page margins
squeeze be-
tween the
aorta &
the dull

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