Sunday, April 18, 2010

don't think

that just because we spoke
(for the first time
in months)
that this is okay. that
i'll just let you
back. let you slide
through the grid
& transmute
what you
had to say. it doesn't
work that way. you don't
just talk for
ten minutes & then
everything is back.
i don't believe
what you say so
running your
finger along my
tattered &
chiseled ear.
you're not making
anything better because
you are not here
with me. give it
let this silk unfold.

you are thin
lipped &
i miss you
in my life
but you
have been gone so
long. you forgot to
tell me
to let
loose &
die. you never
called. you never

"we don't care do
we dearie we should
worry about the rain"

[raise the shade] by e.e. cummings

"kiss, kill, nothing in between
i can't sit still & get cancelled"
"sweet talk" by dear and the headlights

[photo courtesy of triptych photographix]

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