Thursday, April 8, 2010


it's as if, today,
the rain that winston-salem
avoided for so long
(a whopping week & a half)
was unleashed today
spilling about the city.
it was
only good because the rain
washed the thick layer of pollen
off the hood of my car.
my ipod somehow lost all the
music on it.
that's cool.
got me thinking about how
i grow tired
& all of a sudden things turn
the shades close & it doesn't
quite right.
my heart slows, but each beat
more like a stomp
than a
step. each pulse
vibrates my lids & things
start to go blurry. only then i feel
tranquil throughout.
tell me, did you slip something in
my water?
were you scratching my back gently until
my eyes were at half mast.
till my tongue was numb?
& my tongue is
numb still.
that feeling of elation that seems to
have faded on your end of the hall
hasn't quite done the same here.
so i wait for you.
i suppose it's that
less than subtle
stroke of naivete
that colors
my character. i suppose i shouldn't
wait but you're so captivating
so what if you catch my eye. so what if
you chill
my bones & my ligaments
tense up.
so what if i stare at the ceiling wishing
you would walk in
& whisper
to me. don't really
care what
about. just
whisper, dear. you never seem to do
so. i must be overbearing,
the way i think
& feel
about you. i suppose it's
a bit
i'm sorry but you
beautiful: just beautiful:
thank you:
i think i take you more seriously everyday
& you (understandably)
just about all i say now. i suppose i wouldn't care much if i
were in your position either.
i'm quite the nuisance.
i'm sorry but i
mis yr fce.

"I've a layer of film & a coat of dust
Made solid in the kiln with a smile bent in rust."
"sous la plage" by benoit pioulard.

oh. & here's a poem i love by w.s. dipiero: "skirts & slacks"

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